Since its foundation in 1983 up to 2001 the main activity of CKV was the development, manufacturing and exporting of food processing- and agricultural equipment all over the world via its subsidiary Franken BV in the Netherlands.
Franken, a company founded in 1892, delivered machinery and turn-key projects in more than 30 countries, spread over all five continents. Even in more exotic countries like North Korea, the former USSR and Albania the company was successful.

CKV Consultancy Carib

In order to achieve above pictured results CKV has proven to have the right skills such as spirit of enterprise, perseverance, optimism, diplomacy and know how. Most of all, its MD Cees Koole, understands people and their different cultures.

Since 2001 CKV exploits these skills for third parties and is based on Aruba since 2005.

In fact a continuation of the activities from the past, making use of a vast experience and an enormous network all over the world, without the load of a huge staff, but very flexible, a one person operation!

CKV focuses on:
- Business development in the field of sustainable energy solutions
- Import/Export support for small end medium size companies
- Coaching/training export marketing staff
- Tourist Promotion Aruba
- Real Estate development and marketing
- Business representation
- Product development and market introduction


Holding C. Koole Vlissingen BV  |  Beethovenstraat 19-2, 1077 HM  Amsterdam, The Netherlands  |  e-mail:

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